Incubating Gambel’s Quail Eggs

Gambel’s Quail are are found in arid areas of the southwestern United States and parts of Mexico. The Gambel quail egg is a pale buff to white colour with moderate pink/brown spots. Incubating Gambel’s Quail Eggs Incubation period = 21-23 days Temperature = approximately 99.75 degrees F Humidity = wet bulb of 83 F If … Read more

Incubating Quail Eggs From Different Quail Breeds

I was recently asked about the incubation period and temperature and humidity levels for incubating eggs from different quail breeds. Japanese Coturnix Quail Incubation period = 17 days Temperature = approximately 99.5-99.9º F Humidity = wet bulb humidity of around 84-88º F Bobwhite Quail Incubation period = 21-24 days usually 23-24 days Temperature = approximately … Read more

Mycoplasma In Quail

I suspect that my quail have mycoplasma which is like congunctivitis. It is an infection of the air passages and signs of the infection are: swollen facial sinuses. Other signs may include: sneezing, eye discharges, breathing through a partly opened beak, reduced growth, reduction in appetite, joints may also be affected and birds may become … Read more

How To Tell Difference Between Male & Female Chinese Painted Quail

There are a number of ways to tell the difference between a male and female chinese painted quail. The chinese painted male quail have a white bib under their chin which the females don’t have. The females are slightly larger than the males with a plumper body. Mannerisms, the male tend to walk taller than … Read more

Can Quail Eat Clover?

Does anyone know if quail can eat clover? I am asking the question because my quail have seemed to enjoy eating clover that I have growing amongst the grass in my garden but over a period of time I have lost quite a few quail and their egg production has reduced. A friend pointed out … Read more

Back Scratching In Quail

Back scratching in quail is caused by the male quail mounting the females through the mating season and rubbing their feathers away. The hen birds often have feathers missing from their back and heads during the mating season. If you keep quail and want to ask a question to get some advice or just to … Read more

Market Age For Quail

I was asked about the market age for Texas A M quail, so have done some research into slaughter ages for quail. I have been asked, “hi i have been approached by my local butcher for some quail i incubate TEXAS A M QUAIL as it is a larger bird but what age is it … Read more

Quail Chicks Falling Over

I am often emailed about quail chicks falling over. Hi there we are just starting out with hatching our own quail. we had 30 eggs which most hatched successfully.we then transferred them into the brooder,this is when we noticed that 3 or 4 quail could not stand up and were falling to one side.we are … Read more

Mixing Quail Of Different Ages

I am often asked about mixing quail of different ages. I have a quail from 3 different batches (eldest single female of 8 weeks, 2 females of 6 weeks and 2 of 3 weeks). I want to house them all together eventually – but assume I must wait until they’re all fully grown so they … Read more