Training Saddleback Pigs To Go Into A Trailer

I am currently training my seven saddleback gilts to go into the trailer as they are not used to being loaded into a trailer. I have introduced them to the trailer by placing their food on the door and in the trailer so that it will entice them into the trailer. This is the third … Read more Training Saddleback Pigs To Go Into A Trailer

Saddleback Gilts For Sale

7 Saddleback gilts for sale in the York to Hull area. The Saddleback gilts are now (end of February) 22 and 23 weeks old. The Saddleback gilts are all pedigree gilts and have been birth notified and registered with the BPA. The gilts have been reared indoors. The sows that farrowed the gilts are from the Warrendale Rosette line and the boar is from the Gillbeck Grand … Read more Saddleback Gilts For Sale