Saddleback Piglet Explores Farmyard

My 7/8 week old saddleback piglet called Missy loves to explore the farmyard. She has been coming out of the pig barn to explore the farmyard for about 5 weeks. She was the first piglet to come down the barn steps and she loves to run the length of the fold yard and then to … Read more

Tiny The Piglet

The Saddleback piglets are nearing 7 weeks old and are growing well. Here is Tiny the piglet who is a gilt. She was born to Cagney who had a litter of 16 piglets and only has 14 teats so some of the piglets were fighting over the teats. Tiny, named as such due to her … Read more

Saddleback Piglets Growing Fast

Cagney and Lacy’s third litter of piglets are growing fast. Lacy’s piglets are now nearly 7 weeks old and Cagney’s piglets are nearly 6 weeks old. The piglets love rooting in the straw and it is a bit like watching a rugby scrum as they do so. The piglets are still being fed by the … Read more

Newborn Saddleback Piglets

Here are some photos of the newborn Saddleback piglets. Cagney’s Litter – Cagney had 10 piglets which were born sometime before 6.30am on Thursday 10th April 2008. Nine of the piglets were doing well but one of the piglets had got too cold and was laid near cagney’s head. I am pleased to say that we … Read more