News About Cagney The Saddleback Pig

Diane asked, ‘How is Cagney and have you come to any decision yet as to her fate?’ Cagney my Saddleback sow has recently had mastitis, in fact the infection was very bad and it looked like I might lose her. I am pleased to say that she has thoroughly recovered. I kept her separate from … Read more

Saddleback Pig In 1953

Here is a photograph of my father in law with his Saddleback pig back in 1953. They are standing in front of the brick piggery which was located in the backyard area of their house in the centre of York. My father in law and his father had Saddleback pigs for a number of years, but … Read more

Cagney The Saddleback Sow Is On The Mend

I am pleased to let you know that Cagney is over the worst and has returned to her usual gentle and happy self. She has been in the farrowing crate since Friday when we realised that she had mastitis and was not very well at all. The farrowing crate made it easier to inject her … Read more

Photo Hunt : Theme Old Fashioned

British Saddleback Pigs are an old fashioned rare breed of pig. They are a result of an amalgamation of two breeds, the Essex and the Wessex Saddleback. British Saddleback pigs have; A black coat with a white saddle just behind their front legs which goes all around their body in a band. Lop ears over … Read more

Piglet Named Juliet

Our Saddleback piglets are being raised mainly for their meat although if I have a gilt or boar that is a good example of a saddleback with a good temperament then I may consider keeping them. As we have decided that most of the piglets are probably to be raised for meat, I have not … Read more

Saddleback Pigs Arrive On The Farm

On Sunday I became the proud owner of two British Saddleback pigs. They are gilts which means, for those of you who may not know, that they are females that are yet to have piglets. I am hoping that they will have piglets which I can help to rear. The pigs belonged to one of … Read more