Saddleback Sow Has Nine Piglets

I am delighted to say that Cagney, my Saddleback sow has had nine healthy piglets. On Tuesday tea time I placed Cagney in the farrowing crate as she had milk when I squeezed her teats. I was able to do this on my own as Cagney is a very placid and gentle sow. It wasn’t … Read more

Lacy, The Saddleback Sow, Has 9 Piglets

Yesterday Lacy, my Saddleback sow farrowed 9 piglets. I would like to say that it was plain sailing but it wasn’t. Lacy is a lovely sow and is never aggressive towards humans. She will dominate Cagney, her sister when it comes to feeding time and will often take a bite at Cagney but apart from … Read more

Sow Swelling

Claire emailed me about her pregnant sow who is swelling up.  hi sara  well no piglets yet but thanks for getting back to me on my questions. Well 3rd august and my girl is swelling around her lady bits and still is swelling today 4th  but she is still eating and no nest building. So how long … Read more