Lily Seeds Sown

Soilman kindly sent me some lily seeds (lilium regale) last year and I have recently planted the seeds following Soilman’s excellent instructions. I have never grown lilies from seed so I look forward to seeing the results. I have just read on Soilman’s site that his seeds have germinated. I am going to head out … Read more

Sowing Seeds – Green Thumb Sunday

I have been busy trying to keep on top of sowing seeds at the correct time of year. Currently I have the following seeds germinating in the greenhouse: Sweetpeas. Broad beans. Summer radish. Marigolds. Spinach. Spinach beet. Lilium regale. Purple sprouting broccoli. In the next few days I will be sowing the following seeds: Rudbeckia. … Read more

Seeds In The Post From The Smallest Smallholding

Lucy from Smallest Smallholding sent me some seeds in the post a while ago. So thank you Lucy. I was sent Sweetpea and Hollyhocks which I look forward to planting. I have tried to grow sweetpea before and produced a few but I have always been late with my seed sowing. I have never grown … Read more

Seed Collecting – Green Thumb Sunday

Last year I started collecting seeds from my garden and have successfully grown sunflowers, marigolds¬†and aquilegia from my own seeds. Over the last couple of weeks I have been busy collecting more seeds. I have collected the seeds of the following plants; Aquilegia (latin name) – Columbine. Purple and Pink varieties. Dianthus (latin name) – … Read more