What Do Garden Snails Eat?

Garden snails are herbivores and eat plants. They will eat the leaves of many plants and vegetables. It will also eat rotting fruit, lichen and algae as well as fruit, vegetables, herbs and arable crops. Snails particularly like lettuce, cucumber and herb leaves which are freshly picked. They will feed on carrots and apples. The … Read more

Can Snails Change Their Shells?

I received a comment that led me to research whether snails can change their shells. Van & Lilo commented, “We found a garden snail and brought it home to keep it safe, even though the shell is broken, none of its body is at sight and hes still alive and well. My daughter named it … Read more

Can You Eat Garden Snails?

Craig recently asked, “I was just wondering if I could gather snails from my garden and eat them? And if so how would I go about ensuring they were cleaned out ?” What an interesting question that I am sure many people have wondered. I have done a bit of research and found that the Caferouge website … Read more

Snails In The Kitchen Garden

Snails are often found in the kitchen garden. Cynthia asked, “Should I get rid of the snails in my kitchen garden? Do they do damage?” Unfortunately the garden snail is seen as a pest by many gardeners and vegetable growers since the snail predominantly eats leaf and plant materials. So yes the snails will damage … Read more