Farrowing Sow’s Breathing

When a sow or gilt is about to farrow (have her piglets) she usually lays down and you can tell when the first piglet is about to be born as the sow or gilts breathing becomes rapid. Here is a video clip of my pedigree saddleback sow, called Lacy, only minutes away from farrowing. A … Read more

Pregnant Sow

Cliare has a pregnant sow but is unsure when her pig will farrow. hi sara  claire here again well its been a while but still no piglets yet. for the first time one of my pigs started to lose thick creamy discharge today and all day  could u tell me what this means as her … Read more

Sow Swelling

Claire emailed me about her pregnant sow who is swelling up.  hi sara  well no piglets yet but thanks for getting back to me on my questions. Well 3rd august and my girl is swelling around her lady bits and still is swelling today 4th  but she is still eating and no nest building. So how long … Read more