Snow December 2009

Over the past 4 days it has been snowing on and off in our region and for the past 3 days we have had a covering of snow on the ground. This was the farmhouse and the lane to and from the village this morning. So how has the snow affected the livestock on our … Read more

Happy Farm Facts

I am pleased and honoured to be tagged by Julie from Succulents by J for 8 happy facts. So here are my 8 happy farm facts: I am happy when my five beautiful white and ginger cats greet me in a morning and I am particularly happy if none of the cats are missing! I am … Read more

Seven Random Garden Facts

Last week Michelle from My Grandpa’s Garden tagged me for the seven random garden facts about me. I was very surprised and pleased that Michelle had thought of me as it was the first time that I had been tagged. I have spent the last week contemplating what random gardening facts I can share with … Read more

Today’s News From The Farm Yard

This morning the cattle were let out to grass for the day. Three of the older calves are ready to be weaned and were separated from the rest and left in the fold yard. This did not go down well with the mothers who have been balling out all day. The cattle were not the … Read more