How To Grow Broad Beans Instructions

On Sunday I potted up some broad bean seeds.  The TopVeg website was able to provide me with excellent seed sowing information.  Farming Friends & TopVeg have now collaborated to create a How To Grow Broad Beans growing card. To print off this growing card, right click on the  image and then click print picture to print out a copy. … Read more

Interblog Leek Growing Project

Last week I received some leek plants in the post from my kind friends over at TopVeg. They had read about the flooding of my veg garden and how alot of my vegetables have rotted away due to the flood water. Their generosity saw me receiving 20 leek plants in the post. Following their expert … Read more

Instructions For Growing Summer Radish

I have found radish very easy to grow thanks to advice from TopVeg. I thought that it would be great for the children in my gardening club to sow radish seeds and then get to eat their radish with the lettuce that we have grown. Farming Friends & TopVeg have collaborated to create a How To Grow Summer Radish growing card. … Read more

Growing Cress

I am having a go at growing cress because would you believe it, I’ve never grown it before and my husband and I have started to buy quite a bit of it to put on our salads. I am following the cress growing advice from Top Veg, which as always is clear and easy to … Read more