Nasturtiums Flowering In Vegetable Garden

I recently planted some nasturtium seeds purchased for a mere 19p, a bargain. I was delighted when the seeds germinated and produced lovely plants with beautiful flowers. The nasturtiums are now flowering and they provide a splash of colour in the veg garden. Nasturtium leaves and flowers can be eaten. They can be added to … Read more

Snails In The Kitchen Garden

Snails are often found in the kitchen garden. Cynthia asked, “Should I get rid of the snails in my kitchen garden? Do they do damage?” Unfortunately the garden snail is seen as a pest by many gardeners and vegetable growers since the snail predominantly eats leaf and plant materials. So yes the snails will damage … Read more

Raised Beds

Mum and Dad have bought me some raised beds which we have decided to use since the vegetable garden was flooded in Spring 2007. They bought me three link-a-bord raised beds from Harrod Horticultural. The raised beds are 3m by 1m. They are really easy to put together and fit in the garden well. In fact there … Read more

The Vegetable Garden Under Attack

In days gone by our farmhouse vegetable patch was brimming with rows of veggies. It was my husband’s Grandad’s domain and he was very proud of it. Every year he would enter his veggies into the village show and if he didn’t have any fine specimens then it has been said that he would nip … Read more

Vegetable Plot Ruined By Flood

I have worked very hard this year to grow lots of vegetables from seed which I recently planted out in the garden. My vegetable garden had planted in it; Broccoli. Sprouts. Cabbage. Cauliflower. Butternut Squash. Courgettes. Lettuce. Radish. Beetroot. Most of these vegetable plants which were grown from seed have perished in the flood. Vegetable … Read more