Turkey Litter

Does anyone have experience of keeping turkey‘s and know the best litter to keep growing turkeys on, as I recently received a comment on my forum from Lablanc asking about this,

I’m keeping a few Turkeys for christmas again, and every year I have this disagreement with my farther in law about the bedding in there shed. I let them out in the morning and they have a run in a fenced of section of a field where the have their food and water, and they are put in each night with water. Every second day I cover the shed floor with some fresh straw which covers the soiled bedding underneath. Now he says that I should clean out the old bedding rather than adding new straw.Can I have your opinion on this….

My answer was:

“Hi lablanc,
Thanks for your question. I don’t have turkeys and although I have incubated turkey eggs before, unfortunately the turkeys never made it to adult life.
My husband says that in the big commercial sheds they keep adding straw as you are doing and then clean out at the end of the Season.
Hope that helps.
Kind regards
Sara @ farmingfriends”

So if anyone know the best type of litter and how to often to change the litter used to keep growing turkeys on, then I would be pleased to hear from you.