White Barb Pigeons

I was recently asked a question relating to incubating pigeon eggs and in answering the question I have begun to learn abit about white barb pigeons.

good day, will my pigeon eggs spoil if they dont lie on them for the first day or two after laying? Chappy

Hi Chappy,
Thanks for visiting farmingfriends and leaving your comment about pigeon eggs.The pigeon eggs won’t spoil if the pigeons don’t sit on the eggs for  the first few days. When birds lay their eggs they will lay one a day until they have a clutch of eggs and then the pigeon will sit on the eggs. It is only at the point of sitting on the eggs when the conditions are right that incubation will start. So the egg laid on the first day will still hatch at the same time as the egg laid on subsequent days!
Hope this helps. Good luck with the hatch.
Let me know how your pigeons get on. Are they wild pigeons or do you keep pigeons?

Kind regards
Sara @ farmingfriends

They are not wild pigeons they are a pair of white barbs, I bought them three months ago at a nearby pet shop, at first I thought they were old because they only laid one egg, three times, the first time the male kicked it out the box , the second crumbled under the weight of the male four days into incubation, the third also crumbled fifteen days with squab inside, it died. I got frustrated and decided to do some research which led to the issue of grit, I went out and got me some along with some crabshells, grind them up and made an unleavened bread, fed them. To my suprise this time they laid two eggs…I will let you know how they fair.

I am looking forward to learning more about the white barb pigeons and how Chappy’s pigeons get on with incubating the eggs.